2015 Tippy Toe


MONTAKARN Estate Winery, on 10 acres of protected land in Oliver BC,
neighbours horses that run wild on the mountainous desert expanse. On a clear sunny morning, a small white filly, with a black mane & tail, was seen taking her first steps on little hoofs looking like she was “tippy toeing”. Witnessing such a gift of life, our “TIPPY TOE” wine was “born”.

80% Chardonnay, 14% Sauvignon Blanc, 6% Viognier

90 POINTS ~ John Schriener
“It is an unusual blend that succeeds! It has a fruity aroma and flavours of peach, apple and citrus. The Viognier contributes to a spice in this crisp and refreshing white”.

Food Pairing suggestions;
Seafood, Chicken, Medium Cheeses
Brilliant on its own!


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